What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

its a little story about how i stopped smoking.. when many people see the innocent silverdowed, they be like this dude looks just too innocent and aint wayward but tell you what behind the looks was a rugged nigga. a dude who smoked like it didnt matter to his liver but then its so funny how i changed

it was on a cool saturday, i needed to take bazz(smoke) before going to the toilet and tell you what seriously i could not go to the toilet without it.. i got to the old woman’s shop and told her i needed 4sticks of london(i mean the popular local white london sold in nigeria) and beside me was a little gal of about 6 years old who was sent to come and buy egg. just as the MAMA gave me the cigar(i mean ciggarate o cos i never get money for cigar that time), i looked at the girl and noticed her shaking her heads and making that pitiable sound your mom makes when she’s tired of scolding you. i ignored her looks and went ahead to answer to the nature’s call. getting into the closet, i lit the bazz(hehehe) and then started to do what i knew how to do best. Suddenly i could see the head of the little girl nodding at me from the smoke and in my head i could hear that pitiable sound she was making. Then a voiz in my head interpreted the sound to be ”So its this promising young man’s life that is going with this flames like its. Suddenly it struck me that i was doing something wrong and even a little girl like my younger sister noticed it and i did not. I could not help feel sober as i threw the smoked and unsmoked cigarette into the water closet..

Yes, thats how i stopped but it was very hard for me but the voice kept reminding me that i am a young promising fellow and i didn’t have to end up with heart or lungs failure later in life….

bottom line is YOU TOO CAN STOP…Some of my nijja fellow takes this stuff not even minding the head and dust it brings to the lungs…Be informed,smoking kills even faster that AIDS when it is ripe for attack…

love yall much, Silverdowed



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