23 Little-Known Facts About Jennifer Lawrence That Will Make You Love Her Even More

Thought Catalog

Did you know Jennifer Lawrence was in a music video? There’s a lot you might not know about America’s unfiltered sweetheart, our reigning queen of jokes about anal leakage and rashes.

Here are 25 facts about J-Law that will only confirm why you’re so obsessed with her. Because why wouldn’t you be?

1. Jennifer Lawrence made her name as a Sundance darling, appearing in indie films like Winter’s Bone and Like Crazy, which won the Grand Prize at the festival back-to-back. However, her first ever role was on The Bill Engvall Show on TBS, playing Engvall’s daughter, Lauren. The show aired from 2007 to 2009, when it was abruptly cancelled. This is probably for the best, because in 2009 she landed the lead role in Winter’s Bone, which would debut the following year, earning her first Oscar nomination. But remember: her first ever award nom will be a…

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